St. Thomas Family Photography


Splash in the water.  Climb a palm tree.  Play in the sand. 

Memories to Capture and Never Forget.


A family photo shoot...I’m sure the kids are going to love this.  I can only imagine the look on their faces when you tell them they have to get out of the pool so they can get ready for family pictures.  :)


1. Beautifully Capture Your Vacation Memories

If I had to guess, taking photos for kids (and many adults) might be just below going to the dentist on the list of un-fun things.

So my job is not only to capture great pictures, but to make the photo session an enjoyable experience. 

My family portraits and photo sessions capture a special moment in time.  A time when your family is together.  A St. Thomas vacation memory to love and cherish!

I will meet you at a beach, villa, hotel or wherever you like for your family photo session.  Either you pick the spot or we can talk about what you’d like your photo session to look like.


2. What you can expect from my photos.

Natural.  Intimate.  Real. 

Here is to let you know what not to expect from my portraits and photos.  I despise overly orchestrated and posed shots.  My hope is to set the stage for you and your family and allow your personalities to shine through. 

I will not try to force your family into photos that don’t feel natural.  Admittedly, I always feel obligated to capture a few of the whole family together smiling for the big mantle photo. 

St. Thomas has so much natural beauty to compliment our shoot as well, which helps making everyone feel relaxed and excited.  


3. Why the moment is important to capture

One of the reasons I went from part-time photographer to full-time photographer is watching my own children grow up so quickly.  I became obsessed with taking photos of my 2 daughters.  As they grow up, I'm so grateful I took thousands of pictures of them (my husband still rolls his eyes when he sees me coming with the camera).  So many moments captured that would have been lost except for a picture to remind me and take me back.

Your St. Thomas vacation will fly by.  No doubt you will take dozens, maybe even hundreds, of pictures with your camera or cell phone while here.  But a photo shoot is a great way to gather everyone together, to enjoy each other and have everyone in the picture at the same time! 

Next month, next year, 10 years from now, your brief time in St. Thomas will be a distant memory.  But capturing brief moments together as a family during our photo session will bring you back to the sand and the sea and the sky no matter how many years have passed.


4. Plan your Family Vacation Photos!


1. St. Thomas Beaches

Most families prefer having their pictures taken on a beach.  If you have a favorite beach, let me know and we can meet there.

If you want my recommendation for the best family photo location, hands down I recommend Magens Bay.  Magens Bay is nearly a mile-long beach with white sand and blue green water.  With all that sand, we shouldn't have a problem finding an ideal location to take pictures.

The landscape is chock-full of palm trees and sea grape trees.  Also, a coconut grove lays right off the beach.  I also like to take families into the nature preserve where there are old ruins.  Magens has so many different options for pictures!

But Magens isn't the only game in town.  Another beach I like for family vacation pictures is Lindquist.

2. Hotels, villas

If you are staying at a resort or villa, you may want to hold the photo session at your resort or villa.  Many of the villas and some of the resorts present countless settings and photo opportunities to make your time with me unique.

3. Other venues

St. Thomas has several parks, botanical gardens and historical landmarks that lend themselves to gorgeous family photos.


Call or email to schedule a time or to discuss the perfect location for your photo shoot.

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Last minute and same day shoots are usually accommodated as well.



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