Photography Rates & Packages


We know they're out there.  You know, photographers that charge $5,000+ for a day of photos.

We don't charge quite that much.

$595 - 1 hour of photography

Each additional hour is $350.


What do you get when you book us for 1 hour?  


A professional photographer will come meet you at your beach or location of choice.  The photographer will spend time with you getting to understand your interests and goals for the shoot.  From there, the fun begins!

After an hour or so (the photographer doesn't carry a stopwatch, so you won't feel rushed) the photographer will probably have taken 250+ images.  (If you'd like all the images unedited in RAW format there is an additional $145 fee.  The images will be sent on a USB drive.  You must notify the photographer before the photo shoot if you'd like the RAW images.)

Those images will be widdled down until we have around 50 of the best photos.  Those photos will then be edited for color, saturation and contrast.  

Give us around 30 days to complete the editing process.  From there, the photos are uploaded to an online gallery.  You will have full rights to the images to print and share.

We won't use Photoshop on any of the images.